Hello, I'm Milica

I design build deploy websites.


Let me introduce myself...

My name is Milica and I’m web developer. I build websites as special places on the internet that aim to convey a message and create a sense of harmony and simplicity among visitors.
My unbridled spirit led me in different directions, from the social sciences to the technical, and finally stop at web development, where art and technology meet.


What can I do for you?


Creating web sites from scratch, Troubleshooting & Fixes, Plugins, Builders...

Custom Websites

HTML, CSS, PHP, basic JavaScript...

Fixing errors

Updates, modifications, plugin conflicts...

Basic SEO

Plugin settings, google analytics, keywords...


Process of creating websites

01 Explore

At this stage, I discuss with the client the layout and functionality of the website, research design ideas and obtain all the necessary content for the site.

02 Design

Then the idea is translated into action. The design is created in Figma before implementation, and when the client likes the final result, I move on to building the site.

03 Build

The last phase is building the site according to the design. After that, I publish the site and do the basic SEO settings.

And, finally...

Featured projects


Dr Brasanac

AdoreN Intimo

Hriscansko demokratski pokret


Interested in working together?

I’m based in Serbia (Southeast Europe), and I’m currently working as a freelancer on the Upwork. If you have any questions or considerations, feel free to contact me by filling the form below.